Computer Security Awareness Training

Computer Networking Center is offering Cyber Security Awareness Training (C-SAT)

Computer Networking Center is offering a Cyber Security Awareness Training (C-SAT)

It’s not an Option anymore.  Cyber Security Awareness Training is a Must!

The Human Element as:   “The Largest Security Risk in any Business”

Solution is:   Instructor-Lead Hands-on Training on a Computer with Practice.

This course is designed to help computer users (i.e. Technical, Sales, or Administrative) on staff at a company who are using a Computer, Internet, and E-Mail for their daily work in the business environment.

The Awareness Training is Essential for the Safe Operation for almost every Business. Employees must be aware of Potential Threats and Vulnerabilities they face and understand how to apply appropriate countermeasures.

The more employees that understand about the nature of computer security threats, the more these employees are educated to protect the confidential data and business operation and will comply with the rules and regulations mandated by different agencies.

We’re here to help your Employees to Teach and educate a proven “Cyber Security Awareness Training” which works best for your Environment and Needs.

The Workshop covers broad range of Knowledge and Awareness of topics including:

1-Email Security and Protection

2-SPAM and Phishing

3- Malware and Botnet

4-Antivirus and Spyware Protection

5-Social Engineering Attack

6-Login and Password Security

7-ID Theft and Fraud

8- Vulnerability and Protection

9-Safer Web Browsing

10-Mobile Devices Security

The Knowledge and Security Awareness developed by completing these topics will provide Network and Internet users to secure business data, enhance productivity, and reduce frustration so they can focus more on their day-to-day business tasks.

Please contact Sunil Ajwani at 734-462-2090 for more information or email me us at info@computernetworkingcenter.com.


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