Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Computer Networking Center differentiate itself from all the other I.T. Training Schools?

    Computer Networking Center has been in business for over 14 years.  We pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction, Competitive Pricing, and Individual Attention for our students.  We are committed to providing you the highest quality of training at an affordable price.  If you are looking to make a lifetime career change, increase your salary, become more marketable or find more excitement in your workday, Computer Networking Center is the right choice for you.
  • Where is Computer Networking Center located?

    Computer Networking Center is conveniently located in the Seven Mile Crossings Business complex (middle building) at 38701 Seven Mile Road / Suite 285, Livonia, MI  48152.  We are on Seven Mile Road between Haggerty Rd. and I-275.  Our building is located directly behind the “Andiamo’s Italian Restaurant”.  If you need help with directions, please visit Our Location page to learn more details.
  • Does Computer Networking Center have evening classes?

    Yes.  We offer evening and weekend classes.  The reason we offer only evening and weekend classes is when our students get hired, they can work during the day and still come at night to continue their training. We can also customize a program and schedule to fit your needs.
  • Is it important to visit a school before enrolling?

    THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD DO AS A STUDENT!  Computer Networking Center always recommends that you contact our Administrator to set-up an appointment with one of our Career Counselors.  Our Career Counselor will be able to sit down with you for about 60-90 minutes and thoroughly explain to you in detail about the courses that you are interested in.   Most importantly, the Career Counselor can show you the books, equipment, and give you a tour of our training facility to help you better understand why Computer Networking Center is the place for you training needs.
  • What types of Financial Aid does Computer Networking Center accept?

    Computer Networking Center has many different options for Financial Aid.  To learn more on what types we accept, please visit the “Financial Aid” section of this website to read about all the wonderful financial aid options you have.
  • Do I get college credits for attending this course?

    No, Computer Networking is currently reviewing some options regarding Accreditation.  However, some colleges and schools may accept certain I.T. Certifications for college credits.  You will need to check with your college/school to see what they accept.  Computer Networking Center deals with many other grants in the State of Michigan and other Financial Aid options.  Please visit our “Financial Aid” section of this website to learn more or contact Computer Networking Center’s Administrator at 734-462-2090 to learn more about our Financial Aid Options.
  • What does ILT stand for?

    Instructor Led Training is the original form of classroom training.   Hands-On Instructor Led Training is a qualified professional instructor with experience in the industry teaching your course.  The training professional at Computer Networking Center will answer your questions in a thorough manner during class because classroom discussion is important and beneficial for everyone that is in the class. If questions are not answered in class, this causes the student to lose interest or become frustrated.  Rest assured, this will not happen at Computer Networking Center.  If more discussion is needed with the student, the Instructor will tutor privately with the student at a mutual timeframe.  Computer Networking Center has been utilizing ILT in classrooms since 1998.  Computer Networking Center utilizes other forms of training such as CBT’s and online tools, instruction, and training, but CNC always feels that ILT is the original and best form of training.